Troop Schedule 


New Scout Welcome Packet

Lists the contents of the welcome packet
This document briefly describes the goals and policies of Troop 2
Scout Personal Data Form (Please complete as soon as possible and return to the Troop Registrar)
Official BSA application forms. The Troop normally supplies these forms.
Tee-Shirts are normally ordered in the spring.
Required for adults who volunteer to help in the program.
This one-page form acts as the cover page to the Medial Record forms and should be signed annually by the parent to signify that the information on the filed Medical forms is current
This BSA site contains the most up to date copies of medical forms including:Class 1 and Class 2 Medical FormThis two-page form is to be filled out by the Scouts physician and should be kept current. Should the height and/or weight increase significantly (as a result of normal adolescent growth), it may be prudent to provide a new form annually.This form must be completed and returned to the Troop Registrar.Class 3This two-page form should be filled out for all Scouts above the age of 14 intending to participate in ?High-Adventure? Camps, and all adults over age 40.
Describes the policies of Troop 2.This document must be read, understood and accepted by all Scouts and their parents.
Describes the proper uniform and where to get it.
  • Scout Stuff
The following items are supplied to the Scout at the crossover:

  • Boy Scout neckerchief
  • Boy Scout neckerchief slide
Describes the differences between the CubScout and Boy Scout programs.


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