About Troop 2 

When we meet

We meet from 7:00-8:30pm on Thursday nights as posted in the Troop 2 calendar.

  • Troop Meetings - Every Thursday (Except 1st) at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Patrol Leaders Council Meetings - 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Committee Meetings - 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Where we meet

St. Joseph School Cafeteria
340 Manor Avenue
Downingtown, PA 19335

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Monthly activities

Each month the troop goes on an outing.  Typically for these we leave on Friday evening and return on Sunday. These are usually camps, adventures such as skiing, mountain biking, sailing or climbing.

Summer camp

Troop 2 attends a week-long summer camp each year, typically in July t at a Boy Scout Camp.




Adult Volunteer Positions

Trip Captain

Always need more

While in camp the Senior Patrol Leader or the person he designates is in charge of the Scouts. The Trip Captain and other adults are there to observe, supervise and ensure that the camp is safe at all times.

  • Purchases and cooks the food for the Adult leaders going on the activity.
  • Plans logistics of transporting Scouts and gear to activity. (Camping Coordinator will help with this)
  • Provides directions for people that are driving. (Camping Coordinator will help with this)
  • Keeps possession of the Scout medical forms.
  • Ensures that there are adequate Youth and Adult leaders to supervise event.
  • Ensures that youth protection guidelines are followed at all times. (See the Youth Protection section of the Troop 2 Policy Handbook for details.)
  • Via the youth leadership they:
    • Ensure that the buddy system is followed at all times.
    • The conditions at the event are safe at all times.
    • Make sure that role calls are taken and all Scouts are accounted for.

Additional Resources for the Trip Captain

Troop 2 Policy Handbook A trip captain should be familiar with the Camping Policy section of the Troop 2 Policy Handbook.
Camp Set Up Checklist Lists tasks that the Senior Patrol, Patrol Leaders and Trip Captain should perform after arriving at camp.
Trip Captain Checklist Checklist for trip planning
BSA Camping Requirements The new BSA Tour Permit, revised December 2008, requires at least the following:
— 2 adults leaders on all camping trips with BSA Youth Protection Training
— 1 adult with Weather Hazards training on all camping trips– If the Tour involves Swimming or Boating, at least
1 adult with Safe Swim Defense (No. 34370A) and/or Safety Afloat (No. 34368B)
1 adult with CPR– If the Tour involves Climbing / Rapelling, at least
1 adult with Climb on Safely (No. 3206)
1 adult with CPR– If the Tour involves Wilderness or Backcountry
1 adult with BALOO and Leave no Trace Camping principles
Youth Driver Permission Slip A youth driver (under the age of 18) must bring this completed form to a troop activity before they or any passengers are allowed to drive to the event.
Summer Camp Packing List Summer Camp packing list.
How Parents Can Help With Summer Camp Tips on how to make summer camp run smoothly.


Merit Badge Coordinator

Always need more


  • Actively recruit merit badge counselors from Scout parents (use Resource Survey)
  • Conduct an annual introductory/training session for new Merit Badge Counselors
  • Develop and maintain a Merit Badge Counselor list
  • Work with the Troop librarian to build and maintain a troop library of merit badge books/pamphlets and other advancement literature.
  • Propose & schedule several annual Troop sponsored merit badge activities (especially for Eagle required merit Badges) as part of the Troop calendar and support the logistics for these.
  • Support District Advancement Day sign-ups and logistics for these.
  • Report out on Merit Badge statistics for the Troop.

  • Merit Badge Counselor Guide – BSA materials on becoming a Merit Badge Counselor.
  • In absence of a Merit Badge Coordinator the duties of this role are the responsibility of the Advancement Coordinator. Since the Advancement Coordinator still bears the ultimate responsibility for these duties they will provide oversight/guidance for the Merit Badge Coordinator.
  • Holder of this Officer Role cannot concurrently hold any other Troop Committee Officer Role (except Charter Organization Representative) also cannot hold a concurrent role as a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster

Flower Sale Coordinator


This position is only active once a year. Although there are many details in preparing a successful fundraiser, the coordinator is only responsible for making sure that all of the tasks have been assigned and are being performed. The first task begins 7 weeks before Easter.

  • Delegates items listed in the Flower Sale Spreadsheet.
  • Monitors status of each item.
  • Schedules and chairs necessary meetings to discuss responsibilities.

Click here to access documents related to the flower sale. (Password required)


Eagle Scout Court of Honor Coordinator

Elizabeth Carney

  1.  Call Eagle Scout after they have passed the Eagle board and explains the responsibilities of the family and the troop. Click here to see who does what.
  2. Maintain a list of civic, religious and business leaders, including names and current mailing addresses. Since many of the people on the list are elected officials, this list should be reviewed every two years. Click here to view the list.
  3. Send a request for a commendation letter to each person on the list of leaders. The Scoutmaster must sign each letter.  Click here to view the letter.
  4. The letter should include an abstract of the scout’s career and project and should invite the addressee to send a commendation to Troop 2. The abstract should be written by the Eagle Scouts family and the Scoutmaster.  Click here view a sample abstract.
  5. Make up a binder with all of the commendations received from the leaders. Bring this binder to the boy’s Eagle Court of Honor.
  6. When the boy’s Eagle packet is available at council headquarters, enroll the boy for 5 years in NESA. The NESA application is in the boy’s Eagle packet. Bring the NESA membership card to the Court of Honor.
  7. Before a boy’s Eagle Court of Honor, buy the Troop 2 Committee Eagle gift, and the Eagle neckerchief and slide.
  8. Keep the props that are often used at an Eagle Court of Honor. Props include candles and placards. Make these props available to the boy’s family to use at his Court of Honor.
  9. Be prepared to give a mailing list of past and current Troop 2 members to the family.
  10. Be prepared to advise the family on how an Eagle Court of Honor is done, including invitations, programs, decorations, and ceremony scripts.
  11. Purchase a congratulations cake and bring it to the Court of Honor.


  1. The boy’s family is responsible for putting on his Court of Honor, including invitations, scheduling a meeting room, decorating, arranging for speakers, etc. Families normally use the props kept by the Troop, but not always. The family will normally ask the Scoutmaster to officiate, but not always.


Tee Shirt Coordinator

Carmel Bradley

Manages the distribution, collection and ordering of Class B Tee Shirts for Troop 2.

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