About Troop 2 

When we meet

We meet from 7:00-8:30pm on Thursday nights as posted in the Troop 2 calendar.

  • Troop Meetings - Every Thursday (Except 1st) at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Patrol Leaders Council Meetings - 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Committee Meetings - 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Where we meet

St. Joseph School Cafeteria
340 Manor Avenue
Downingtown, PA 19335

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Monthly activities

Each month the troop goes on an outing.  Typically for these we leave on Friday evening and return on Sunday. These are usually camps, adventures such as skiing, mountain biking, sailing or climbing.

Summer camp

Troop 2 attends a week-long summer camp each year, typically in July t at a Boy Scout Camp.




Troop 2 – Patrol Hall Of Fame


Scout Patrols

Patch Year Yearly Group or Event Patrol Name Patrol Leader Notes
pat1_zebra 2017 A  Black Zebra  Brendan R.
pat2_pundit 2017  A  Pundit  Nick P.
2017 Event (Klondike) Chobani Flip  Brian P.

pat3_squirrel 2017 B  Atomic Flying Squirrels  Jonathan W.
pat4_donut 2017 B  Flaming Donuts (aka Krispy Crème)  Joey K.

yeti 2018 A  Frozen Yeti  Connor B.
biking_pie 2018 A  Biking Pie Max H.
2018 A New Scouts Jeff B.
2018 Event (Whitewater) Paddle Pirates Joey K.
2018 Event (Whitewater) Water Magnet Max H.

GP 2018 B Savage GP Tarush
GM 2018 B Civilized GM Connor B.

2019 A Patrol 1 Ryan S.
2019 A Patrol 2 Andy B.



Scout Patrols – Special Awards and Achievements –  Honorary Inductees


Patch Year Activity Patrol Name Inductee Notes
sharpshooter_patrol  2018 Target Shooting Rifle Sharpshooter Joey K., Kian F. Camp Rodney (2018)
 sharpshooter_patrol    2019    Target Shooting   Rifle Sharpshooter Joey K, Andy B., Thomas W.

 Camp Horseshoe (2019)

sharpshooter_archery    2019    Target Shooting   Archery Sharpshooter Joey K., Jeff B., Finn M.

Camp Horseshoe (2019)



Honorary Adult Patrols and Inductees


 pat5_cooking Master Chef Cooking Patrol
–  Mr. Carney (2017)…

 pat6_beaver French Creek Legendary Beaver Patrol
–  Mr. Heffern (2017)…

 pat8_fossil Fossil Patrol

 pat9_owl Wise Old Owl Patrol
– Mr. Piergiovanni  (2018)…

 pat7_coffee Coffee Brew Masters Patrol
–  Mr.  Kokinda (2017),  Mr.  Bucklin  (2018)…

 thunderwave Thunder Wave Patrol
– Mr. Kokinda  (2018) (2019),   Mr. Piergiovanni  (2018),   Mr. Heffern (2018) (2019)…

patrol_bee   Tracker Jacker Killer Bees Patrol
 – Mr. Piergiovanni (2019),  Mr. Cerda (2019)

   Flying Buffalo Patrol
– Mr. Wang (2019),  Mr. Heffern (2019),  Mr. Kokinda (2019)

 patrol_coffeepot  Camp Coffee Commander Patrol
– Mr. Heffern  (2019)





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