What is YLT (Youth Leader Training)?

Each May the Chester County Council hosts a Youth Leader Training Conference. Our troop pays to have eligible Scouts attend the conference. The instruction concentrates on the EDGE leadership system.

The objectives of the camp are:

  • To give participants the confidence and knowledge to run the troop program.
  • To give participants a working knowledge of the skills of leadership and help them relate these skills to their troop responsibilities.
  • To give participants the opportunity to share ideas and experience with Scouts from other troops.
  • To create an atmosphere where Scouts will experience Scouting at its best.
  • To enhance the relationship between the participant and his Scoutmaster.
  • To have fun.

To be eligible the Scout must meet the following:

  • Scouts must be completing at least the 8th grade to attend. The course is designed for mature Scouts, age 14-17, who will be your next senior patrol leader or other top troop leaders.
  • Scouts must have successfully completed all troop level leadership training and have strong traditional Scout skills.
  • Participants must commit to, and attend, all three days of both weekends to complete the course. (Mandatory)
  • Must be approved by the Scoutmaster.

A boy distinguishes himself as a future leader by what he does in the troop. Troop 2 offers Troop Leadership Training and Positions of Responsibility (POR) to all boys. Training and POR’s allow boys to develop their abilities and gain experience. Also, these features of the troop program give the boys a chance to show their interest in becoming leaders by showing Scout Spirit.

Specifically, a boy is a candidate for YLT when he has met the minimum requirements set by Council and he has done the following within Troop 2:

  • Been active and shown leadership qualities in the past.
  • Received Troop Leadership Training.  (Troop Leadership Training is offered by the troop once per year, normally during a camping trip.)
  • Has held two or more Positions of Responsibility.
  • While holding a Position of Responsibility, a scout must show evidence that he is doing his job at least once per month. In addition, the scout receives periodic job reviews during his 6-month term.
  • Has shown Scout Spirit in his jobs.
  • Shown a concern for other scouts.
  • Shown a willingness to take direction from the adult leadership.
  • Shown team spirit. Helps his patrol in patrol-oriented activities. Participates in patrol meetings. On campouts, does his job on the patrol duty roster cheerfully and eats with his patrol.

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